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BDIT is an institute where empowering the generation for very standard of learning is what we desire. We are always very active for the continuous improvement of our trainers and training system. Our trainers are very dedicated for serving the quality training to our community. We are approved by the government of Bangladesh and managed by the world IT foundation.

Our main majority is our students and we are committed to provide them a excellent platform for their future. We build up our students by sharing knowledge, providing supports in learning techniques, co-operating them for international standard projects, making successful freelancers and driving our youth towards a world of entrepreneurship and thus reducing inequalities.

In this modern world, achieving in career and reaching a targeted goal is depending on the proper execution of planning, implementing and sustaining changes, So getting there with an institution like us will be your best choice. We are giving you the life changing opportunity of learning and earning. Your learning experience will influence our way of training. We are inviting you to come and join us to change your life. We would be grateful to know you and you will have a lifetime support from us.


BDIT & LANGUAGE INSTITUTE is always dedicated in helping our next generation to stand out in every aspects of life. As a result of continuously serving to the development of skills, career opportunities and excelling internationally we are much known today. We have achieved this honor through our work.

Our main target is to increase creativity in our students. We have very well-known IT experts to build a sharp generation and a digital world. Anytime, you have a chance to contact with us and we think that it will be easier for you to take a decision....

How to start your teaching?

Starting your journey with us? Follow this guide still possible to become a student.

(+88) 01730 888 512